The Witch’s Dream 2

Actually had a dream last night about a dream sequence for the book The Witch’s Dream. This is the sort of synchronicitous event that keeps me excited because it’s the gentle nudge that says, “Yes. You’re on the right path. Don’t chase rabbits or venture off into the shadows of the forest. Just stay on the road until you’re there.”

Am vowing to split my writing time between Seasons 2013 and The Witch’s Dream so that I meet the Seasons of the Witch deadline and still make progress on delightful-to-write fiction. I figure if I post it publicly, then I have to do it. Right?


  1. Congratulations Victoria! It’s very courageous and exhilarating manifesting dreams. I am a 4th year student of yours, and have also began a debut fictional for mature readers book about a witch family attempting to mainstream in a small mountain town. I’ve just purchased your book and am excited to read it. I wish you much success.

    • Hi Kari – Thank you for the well wishes. I will be very interested in reading your book when you’re ready. Since I just released a couple of days ago I’m desperate for reader reviews. If you have time, please post a review somewhere and let me know. Thanks much.

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