What’s next in Black Swan? The second book is… 2

In response to a comment from a reader received this morning, I decided to write a quick update on Book Two: The Witch’s Dream.

My target for release is mid October, but, if I enter into a contract to publish in print form as well as electronic, there might be a slight delay. I will post developments on this blog.

To Jen – I hope you always finish reading my books tapping foot impatiently for the next one. Thank you for the feedback. It keeps me typing.


  1. Tapping foot??? Lol um scouring amazon for book two is more like it! Lol I’m glad I found you but wish I’d found you a couple more books in….lol. Oh well.. stalking another series….thank you! Luved it! P.S. my daughter was named via Willow…;)

    • Hi Jessica. Look at it this way. If I didn’t get some people to read the first, there wouldn’t be a second or third. You won’t have that long to wait. Book 2 is definitely out October 14th. Book 3 is scheduled for February 14th.

      Thanks very much for adding your feedback. It keeps me typing.

      My very best,

      P.S. Re: Willow. My FAVORITE MOVIE of all time.

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