The Witch’s Dream BOOK TRAILER 21

In some ways this book trailer will be sweeter AFTER you read the book.  Click the post title to enlarge the video for viewing.

My very, very special thanks to Derik Nelson, the genius behind the gorgeous voice, spellbinding acoustic guitar, and brilliant arrangement of “Never Gonna Give You Up” which is an integral part of the story.

I have this music on every single jog playlist on my iPhone. I listen to it every day and always hear something I didn’t hear before. Derik – you’re the best.


  1. Lovely!!! Great video for a wonderful book. As someone involved in Metaphysics I loved how accurately you merged truth, fantasy and mystery together. Dimension jumping.. have always wanted to do that! Great story, great characters fully developed and unique each and very one. So glad Storm finally found love, Del found his daughter and true love triumphs! Great villains who end up maybe not being so evil…Just the right about of hot and sizzle… yes! I laughed out loud at Ram’s comments and actions , Elora is a great character too, funny as she peels off her proper manners! Just lovely! TY Glad there will be a third book. The second was as good or better then the first so I have high hopes for the third book. I hope Baka finds love he deserves it!

  2. Thank you for the super loverly review. Regarding the third book, I am very eager to get it out there so that these first three can be read as originally conceived: as one story with no break. Perhaps that’s what it takes to get what I’m doing – another metaphysician.

  3. Just finished both books and eagerly looking forward to the third. For the first time in ages I just couldn’t put this down. Absolutely loved them. All the characters are so real I could see them and feel them. There was nothing about these books I didn’t like, thank you.

    • Wow, Tanya. THANK YOU! I can’t think of any higher praise and I hope you will repeat that in a review on Amazon.

      Regarding the characters. I am just now starting to hear back from the BETA readers who were given Book 3 a few days ago. The comment about characters seeming so real is coming up a lot. I’m so glad to know it’s not just me who thinks they may have taken on real life somewhere – maybe another dimension.

  4. Is there a movie being made of theses books? Enjoyed books 1 & 2, look forward to book 3. Would love to see a movie made of them.

    • Ha. Ha. Don’t I wish !! Please contact Hollywood and let them know how you feel.

      But seriously, if they wanted to do to Black Swan what HBO did to True Blood, it would take MEGA millions to get me to say yes – enough money so that I could produce my own version.

      Thank you VERY much for the sentiment.

  5. You paint such glorious and alive pictures with your words. To reinforce what others have said, I just had to keep reading past book one and on to book two. I am about to seek out book 3 and leave a glowing review on Amazon. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

    • Dear Old Soul,

      Love the handle. It always makes me feel a little humble when I’m thanked for doing what I strongly suspect I’m supposed to be doing in this lifetime. I’m moved to say, “No. No. Thank YOU! For reading my work and taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it.

  6. Oh how I LOVE AN AMAZING BOOK!!!! I am just about to start reading the 3rd book as soon as I am done writing this LOL. The characters do seem sooo real like the story could be written about real people! I am one of those people that once I start reading a good book I Cannot put it down until I am either finished or until my tablet has charged enough to continue reading and that is Sooo very true when it comes to these particular books! You are an amazing writer and I love you for writing this collection! Im especially interested in paranormal romance books so The Order of The Black swan collection really hit home. I hope and prey that these books will someday turn into movies or a show. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am a writer as well and its books like these that keep me going. Although I have nothing published reading and writing are my true passions in life so Thank You Again! I cant wait any longer to sink my teeth into book 3!!!

  7. I wish to thank you for many hours of enjoyment. You books are a rare treat. I have been a long time teacher of the mystic arts, paganism, and Qabbalah. Your books are the first that actually kept me reading non stop until I’d finished the book . I am looking forward to your next book!
    Warm Regards, Lady Sara Cunningham

    • Dearest Lady Sara –

      As a a soror pilgrim on the spiritual journey, I’m so pleased that you have enjoyed my flights of fantasy that are, as I’m sure you recognized, peppered with truths both arcane and mundane. The casual reader sees the superficial. Those with eyes to see, take away something more. Hopefully.

      Two decades ago I was told by someone I admired that cultural changes are effected not by rules and lecture, but by the telling of stories, which caused me to think about fiction. PLUS, it’s fun!

      Thank you for writing. High adventure,

  8. I just finished the first two of your books and can not wait to read the third installment. If in real life relationships could be this thrilling and loving. Have to tell you I Iove the peanut butter action… sighs.. The humor between Baka and Lor is priceless, then the scene of her saying “Bad Dog” to the wolf, loved it, still smiling. I’m anxious to start the third book. Keep writing girl, you got it! Hopeless hooked on the paranormal, DaleAnn

  9. Well, I just have to tell you I finished book 3 and 4, damn girl, so exciting! I can not wait for book 5! I will tell you, I have the TMI moment that will stick in my dreams for some time is having a man, Vampire or not rolling around in …..aaaaaa women’s catnip! Priceless! I do enjoy all the stories within the storyline you have going on. It keeps a bi-polar reader like me interested in the “can’t wait moment” excitement of turning the page. Will be waiting oh so not silently for your next book. DaleAnn Taylor

  10. Thank you so much for inviting me on the journeys of the Black Swan Knights. I enjoyed every page I read. Thanks as well for allowing the characters I’ve fallen in love with to find happiness they very much deserve. Watching the video caused tears of happiness to stream down my face. Thank you so much.

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