My Familiar Stranger nominated for Readers Choice 2013. 2


My Familiar Stranger nominated in two categories:

Best Indie Paranormal Romance

Best Indie Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

If you helped nominate my book, THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

Annnnnnnd, as perhaps the BEST surprise – my name appears in the category of “Best Friend to Readers”. I’m not exactly sure what it means. I’ll take it, but don’t call me in the middle of the night to bail you out of jail and I don’t help with moves. Anymore.



Laurie Garrison from BITTEN BY PARANORMAL ROMANCE wrote this on Facebook in reply to my question about what it means to be “Best Friend to Readers”.

Laurie Garrison Best Friend to Readers means what it says, you’re the reader’s best friend. Also meaning you’re open, honest and helpful with question and you chat with your readers.  Some authors don’t get this because they don’t even offer a contact on their site (grumbling to self. LOL)


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