Introducing My New Assistants… 1

I’ve got to tell you that, at the moment, it’s good to be me and these two are a dream come true.  They’re taking over some of the tasks that go along with PROUD-TO-BE-AN-INDIE! so that I can devote more of that time to telling stories.

Sarah Nicole Howard

Sarah Howard

I love to read, love my Poms, grew up near Saint Louis,  MO. I collect antique books, oldest one so far is 1842. I’m a gamer. Facinated by language, moreso English but learning Japanese.  I am getting married next month to a guy who sits still while I read Black Swan books to him.

She is managing the blog, the street team, the Goodreads Group, my advertising schedule, and monitoring Facebook. You can find her on Facebook at You can email her at blackswanjunkie(at)

If you want an invitation to join the street team or have suggestions for the Goodreads Group, please contact Sarah.

Judy Fox

Judy Fox

Like Sarah, I enjoy “long walks on the beach” (referring to a joke about dating site info), good wine, good friends, laughing until it hurts, reading a great book. I’m a mom of 5, wife to 1 (whom I am still madly in love with, well – when I’m not mad at him, anyways…LOL) I have three pets I adore – 2 British Shorthair cats, and 1 Bichon Frise dog – all of whom are neutered males…a fact which makes my husband and sons decidedly nervous!

She is blogger liaison, keeper of the calendar, managing the street team, the Goodreads Group, and monitoring Facebook. You can find her on Facebook at You can email her at judyf1118(at)

If you are a blogger and want to discuss an interview, guest post, giveaway, or review – please contact Judy.

High Adventure,


One comment

  1. cool…glad for you Victoria and hope the writing is coming alone great and fast! kidding…not …I can’t wait till Sept!! Is it here yet? And welcome to Sarah and Judy.
    A very proud member of the Black Swans’ street team

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