Gathering Storm TIDBITS 15



Black Swan 5- Gathering Storm



Gathering Storm, is the fifth installment in the serial saga, The Order of the Black Swan. READING IN ORDER STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.The story continues to touch on the lives of former B Team members and their families while new characters and situations are introduced.

THE NEWSLETTER:  Z Team is welcomed to Jefferson Unit. Well, not really. Jefferson Unit is being temporarily retired as an active hunter facility and converted to a research and training institution.  Sol takes his first vacation – ever – leaving Glen in charge with Storm supervising. Rosie is proving to be an extraordinary little girl and Deliverance is in BIG trouble with her mother.

THE SURPRISE: Storm is just not himself. Former members of B Team must reunite to restore his image and reputation.

THE ADVENTURE: The rival clan from Elora’s home world renews their assassination mission with fervent determination..

Appropriate material for 17+.


  1. Book Five is comming soon, for those of us who have been with Victoria Danann the adventure continues. But for those who want to join the Black Swan’s on their quest to fight Evil and Right the wrongs that plague the world your first stop must be My Familure Stranger to be able to follow the journey that is The Knights of The Black Swans.

  2. September is shaping up to be a great month,kids go back to school and I get to lose myself in The Order of the Black Swan. Can’t wait.

  3. Can’t wait for Two Kingdoms to come out. I love this series I feel like they are real family. Job well done. Loved Gathering Storm.

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