Ask Victoria 3

Who is your favorite character?

I’ve made it no secret that Sir Rammel Hawking is my favorite. And he knows it. He uses it ito his advantage to manipulate me all the time. I can’t resist a beautiful, pointy eared, death-by-sex-appeal Irishman as well as a talented musician. Add his tireless sense of humor and I’m completely in love. He is in every book and probably always will be. One person recently told me that, if action figures of my characters ever come out, she wants to place a preorder for Ram. I have to agree with her. Because this saga has a lot of balls in the air (pun not intended, I swear). Ram is on the zigzag path of a hero’s journey in a classical sense. Add to that the fact that he is drop dead sex and a one-woman elf and, really, what more could you want? (3/9/2013)





Victoria’s Postscript:

Well, really, I couldn’t want anything more. That must mean Ram is pretty close to my ideal male.



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  1. I agree Ram is the Ideal mate! But I still have to laugh every time I remember him having to breath in to a paper bag when Elora went into talk with Baka! This big, tough, manly man and he’s having to breath in to a paper bag cause the love of his life, his mate is talking to a vampire!! And then later in the story’s she kills a vampire with a toothpick! OMG the humor in these story’s is GREAT!! I love them all and think I’m gonna go back and reread them all again for the 3rd time!!

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