Review Spotlight! The Witch’s Dream by Nelta M 1



“Great Paddy”, You’re Gonna Love It!, October 8, 2012

by Nelta M

This review is from: The Witch’s Dream – A Love Letter to Paranormal Romance (Black Swan 2) (Kindle Edition)

“The Witch’s Dream” is the 2nd book in Victoria Danann’s Order of the Black Swan series…I would suggest reading “My Familiar Stranger” prior to reading “The Witch’s Dream” to have a better understanding of the characters and storyline ….The second in the series continues and evolves with the same characters you grew to love and introduces you to new characters that only enhance the journey of Bad Company and will surely delight us in the next book….Ms. Danann’s style captivates and brings you along for the ride. You find yourself laughing, giggling, holding your breath, and  drawn into the lives of the characters.  You are caught up in the hot and sexy world of vamps, elves, witches, demons, aliens and werewolves . It’s quite the combination and it works …

I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of the books in this series and can not wait to see what Ms Danann has in store for us next.

Victoria’s Notes:

Sarah chose this review to post today and I’m glad she did. It’s special to me, not just because of what it says, but because of who wrote it. Nelta was what I would call an early enthusiast. She was a Black Swan Street Team member before I’d every heard of street teams. Plus, if I was giving a prize for BEST REVIEW TITLE EVER!!!, this would definitely be it. Thank you for the support and encouragement and for helping me to believe that a few sales wasn’t a fluke.



Thanks again Nelta M for writing a review! – Sarah

One comment

  1. Hey, I resemble that person….😊 It has been a honor and a privilege to be a part of your journey….I am not by any means a great writer of reviews, but I prefer a review that peaks a readers interest. I look forward to many more books from you Victoria….

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