My Space 3

This was a guest post done by request as part of the Moonlight promotional tour. If you’re curious about what I see when I look up from the keyboard…


This photo represents my point of view when working. My space is a second story room over the garage. Although I have access from the house proper, I can close the doors when I leave for the day, effectively forming a barrier between work and home. One of the best features is that it’s heavenly quiet – unless the dog is barking, like right now. For me, quiet is essential to getting into the “zone” of reporting what’s happening in the world of Black Swan.

The room has big windows (one of which you can see here) plus three skylights right above me. One of the things you can’t see in the photo is that I have a huge red patio umbrella over my writing space that protects me from the afternoon heat of those skylights in summer months. Like right now. Having workspace with so much light is a dream come true for me. I spent enough time in a corporate environment without windows and promised myself that someday I would enjoy a workspace that didn’t depend on artificial light, with a view to something pretty.

The fireplace is wood burning, but we only get two or three days a year that are cold enough for a fire. Out of the photo, to my left there is another bookcase. Also full to overflowing. I don’t buy print books anymore, but there was a time when I used to keep libraries stocked with my gifts of used books.

About seven years ago I found a reception station in a used office furniture place by the railroad tracks. It surrounds me on three sides and allows me to feel cocooned with my stuff. (Yes. I straightened up the desk before taking the photo.)

Last, but not least, what you see on my monitor is a promotion for Black Swan, Book 5 which releases next month.


  1. Thanks for inviting us in for a tour! I love the lamp on your desk! I’m not a writer, but I love to craft and having my own space is something my husband has promised me when we retire; I think I’ll ask for lots of windows!!

  2. I love the picture of your working space…BUT what excited me more than seeing the picture of Black Swan Book 5 is that Sept is next month!! OMG its finally getting here! OK breath deep…let it go slow..repeat…repeat …OK I think I’ve got it now…NOPE not even close! Sept is just around the block! And that was nice of you to clean off the desk for us but I would have loved to see it the way you see it every time you close that door behind you. Sept…Sept..Sept. OK I’m good now. (I think?)

    • I didn’t do that much cleaning. I keep it pretty clear because “stuff” is distracting. What you see is pretty much what I come into every morning – or middle of the night whichever the case may be.

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