Ask Victoria 2

Quickie Quiz!

Two things you do to relax: Play guitar and sing.

Favorite sport to watch: Little League baseball

Cat or Dog: German Shepherd

Favorite places to write: My office/cubby/retreat.

Place you’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t: Oregon.

Breakfast drink: Coffee.

Favorite season and why: Spring. It’s the only time we don’t have leaves in the pool.

Time of day/night: Early morning.


If you ever have a question(s) you would like to get answered, please email me at  – Sarah


  1. Who is YOUR favorite writer?
    Vanilla or chocolate?
    If you could have any profession other than being a fantastic writer, what would you be?

    • Hi Cheryl –

      I have to split my favorite writer three ways because each of them have things that blow me away permanently (Christine, Memnoch the Devil, Fever Series) and things that just leave me cold. Stephen King, Anne Rice, Karen Marie Moning.

      If you’ve read My Familiar Stranger, you could probably guess I’d go for chocolate over vanilla any day.

      I would play Classic Rock for all eternity. It wouldn’t matter to me if it was 35,000 people (which I’ve done at Warrior Dash) or 20 people at a biker ice house (which i’ve done – A LOT!!!). As long as there were true believers to listen and appreciate, I would play.

      My best,

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