Review Spotlight! My Familiar Stranger by KrissyT 5



Holy Moly did I love this book!, August 9, 2013

by KrissyT

This review is from: My Familiar Stranger – Romancing the Vampire Hunters (Black Swan 1) (Kindle Edition)

I did not expect much at all since this book was free and I did not know the author. Holy cow was I completely taken by surprise! I LOVE this book with all my heart. So sweet and funny. There were several times when I laughed out loud. You completely fall for the main characters. Storm = dreamy. Ram = so hilarious and Elora = I want to be her.

I am a huge fan of J.R Ward, Kresley Cole, and Karen Marie Moning and I feel like I am now going to be as huge a fan of Victoria Danann! Get this book people…it’s worth it!

Victoria’s Notes: I give this review 5*.

Here’s one of the reasons why I LOVE this review! If someone asked me to name MY three top PNR authors – other than myself, of course – THOSE are my top three !!! Naturally I am thrilled to be included in that elite company. (Table for four?) 

As to the comment about wanting to be Elora? Well, that’s what I was going for.

Thanks again KrissyT for writing a review – Sarah


  1. If she likes the first book like that she’s gonna flip for the next 3 for sure!! Cause you get a lot more of Storm, Ram & Elora plus Grey. Litha, Deliverence, Baka…And I can’t wait to see more of Glen and the Z team!! I hope the Babies have a little part too! I could go on and on and on and on..sorry got stuck! HURRY UP SEPT 19TH..

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