Ask Victoria 3

I know you are really busy right now but I am curious about Brother Cufay. As you know I am re reading the books and it seems either Litha’s Monk and Baka’s monk have the same name. Any connection?

from Dee Bowerman


Dee Bowerman –

You should get a prize for reading SO carefully.


My stories are peppered with little bits of esoteric breadcrumbs leaving a trail to metaphysical mysteries or classical principles of morality. In this case, the fact that these two characters, from different ages and different geographical locales, both monks but with different spiritual perspectives, bear the same name is just the sort of synchronistic wink from the Powers That Be that keep us wondering, marveling, and curious about the  idea that there is much more to the operation of the universe than a strictly mundane view suggests.

Thank you so much for noticing and asking.

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  1. Greetings Victoria!
    I just finished the forth book in the Black Swan series in less than three days and working full time! Excellent!! I love all of your characters and how they have been interacting. I’m going to be sorry to see Grey and Luna going of on their own world.

    Can’t wait to get to know more about Z Team! Can you tell us when Gathering Storm is expected out? Thank you! .

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