Ask Victoria! 1

Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to be an author?

Yes. Stay the hell away from “creative writing’ classes because nothing will kill your own embryonic art or creativity faster. (See the scene on writing a poem in the movie, “Dead Poets Society” with Robin Williams.) It can’t be taught any more than someone can teach you to carry a tune. Either you can or you can’t. If you can, do it. If you can’t, move on to something else. It’s a big world. I’m not saying this to be mean. I’m never going to play guitar like Carlos Santana. The last time I tried to play Black Magic Woman my left hand seized up in muscle cramps for weeks. If that’s what happens to your brain when you try to write, keep looking until you find the thing you were born to do.

Do you have any advice for unpublished authors?

If you’re sure you have a book that’s as good or better than anything else out there, go Indie, and publish yourself. If you aren’t sure, come to my workshop in October at the first ever Indie Rom Con before you decide whether you want to go Indie or follow the traditional path to New York publishers.


If you ever have a question(s) you would like to get answered, please email me at  – Sarah

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  1. Love the advice. Either you can or you can’t. If you can’t, you really can’t force it. If you can, write when it flows and take a break when it doesn’t.

    I went the Indie route for my poetry books. I self-published my first poetry book on amazon and smashwords in July and self-published my second one this week. I will say, it takes some work formatting, so if you don’t have the patience, then seek a publisher. i loved doing all of the formatting, but then I’m a hands on kinda gal. 😀

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