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Workspace3With Victoria’s new book coming out I thought this would be a good time to show you what it is that she does day to day to get you the fantastic books that she writes!  – Sarah

Victoria, based on your bio, I’m thinking you must be insanely busy. A post on how you find time to write amid all of the other things you are involved in would probably be enlightening!

This is the number one question I field not just as an author, but socially and professionally. My schedule sounds crazy even to me. For those who haven’t seen the bio, here are some of the high points.

I own 7th House Publishing. Although I’m no longer personally involved in the day to day operations, there are decisions that must be made almost daily. I author and illustrate Seasons of the Witch planners, now in its fourteenth year. I manage Houston’s top party band and, although I’m not currently playing, I dedicate some time to keeping up my musical skills: keyboards, guitar, and vocal. I play bridge six to ten times a month because it keeps me sharp. and I write fiction. Oh, wait, I may have forgotten to mention a husband, family and German Shepherd, but they are definitely part of my day.

A few days ago a bass player I know called to ask if I wanted to be the utility player in a Classic Rock band. Of course my first reaction was, “YES!!” Then I remembered that clones are just a wish and not a reality.

So, how do I do it? Surprisingly, the thing that takes the most time is not even on that list. That would be the marketing of my paranormal romances. Since I’m an Indie (sort of), I’m responsible for getting the word out about Black Swan. This interview is part of that.

I wear all the marketing department hats including the one that says “graphics”. I do the covers, the ads, the book trailers and the SWAG myself. I design and maintain the website, the blog, and participate in the Goodreads fan group. I recently took on an author’s assistant whom I share with a couple of others and that helps enormously, but it doesn’t turn twenty-four hours into forty-eight.

My day starts sometime between 2:30am and 6:00 depending on how much is on my mind. I answer emails, post on Facebook, log and analyze my book sales, update the website and blog and take care of any other marketing-type chores such as renewing ads or commenting on reviews. I take the dog for a walk/jog in the woods, take a shower, and have breakfast. Back at the computer, I take care of 7th House business and band business before lunch. (It helps that I work from home.)

On days when I’m in: after lunch I beat down the other fires that have cropped up through the morning and continue to deal with issues from the various enterprises through the day. On days when I have errands, appointments, or play bridge: after lunch I may be away for three or four hours then I come right back to it. When there is time left between that and starting dinner at six, I write.

The only thing different about Saturday and Sunday is that I add musical instruments into the mix plus one social event and one date with spouse.

This is the way things go during my “outline” process. But once my extended outline is complete and ready to start writing in earnest, I start to feel driven and need to take big chunks of time to just write. I don’t take personal time even at night. My husband gets dinner. I eat with him and then come back to it. That stage of my writing usually takes three weeks to a month.

Once the manuscript gets turned over to my editor, there will be three days of emails to my schedule: This sentence seems clumsy. Are you sure you want to say ____ that way? PLUS typos galore.

If you ever have a question(s) you would like to get answered, please email me at  – Sarah

That’s the story of how it all gets done.

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