Ask Victoria! 5


I am so glad I came across the website that you have. I love to read the interviews that you do with the characters from the books. I have to say I love the interviews with Ram the most. How hard is it for you to do interviews with your characters or does it flow quite easily?

You mean the blog? I think the interviews are on the blog ( Anyway – to your question – thank you for asking.. My husband loves everything about my writing except for the character interviews. The ease with which I converse with characters seems to worry him. So he’s fond of asking questions like…

“You DO know the person you’re talking to is YOU. RIGHT???”

And, I have to say, “I guess. But it doesn’t feel that way when I’m talking to them.”

Wait. Is that a paddy wagon?




  1. No paddy wagon needed. You are simply a great thinker and writer who writes the dreams we all would love to live. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading and dreaming!!!

  2. LOL! Well, you can always look at it from a paranormal perspective…. maybe you’re really channeling these wonderful “people.” They’re living in an alternate dimension and only you can reach them and tell their story….
    (Ok, is there room in that wagon for 2?)

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