Starting All Over Again 3

NOR300x250On December 8th, the sixth book of the saga will release.

The problem with writing a serial saga, as opposed to a series of stand alone books, is that people will be lost if they don’t start at the beginning with Book #1. At the very least, the reader’s enjoyment will be compromised if all the details and characters aren’t understood with the depth and complexity intended. That’s the downside.

The upside is that there is an exquisite pleasure in an ongoing story that is not available in loosely related novels. It’s swimming in the deep end instead of always standing in thigh deep water. The overarching story available to the author of saga allows for an experience of total submersion that the short starts and stops of individual novels can’t aspire to. It’s SO satisfying to write. I’m these characters’ number one fan.

Initiation into this experiment in paranormal romance begins at the beginning

…with My Familiar Stranger, the first book which is “perma-free” and available everywhere. So, regardless of my excitement about the latest installment release, it all comes back to the beginning.


  1. December 8th will be the release of book six of The Order of The Black Swan’s, and I Know What I’m getting for my Birthday. The Saga continues, and the Waite will be Painful, But Definitly Worth It! Victoria Danann’s Mind is a Dimensional Thrill ride into the Unknown, But Oh So Familiar World we live in, is there any wonder Her First book was named rather Aptly, My Familiar Stranger, start there to begin Your Journey into the Unknown, but Familiar World of The Order of The Black Swan’s.

  2. I can wait a week for my birthday present and what a present! I totally get immersed in Victoria’s books. She creates the scenes with her words so eloquently that it is like reading a screen play without the set directions. You are there….
    Can’t wait to find out more about the world of Fae.

  3. I can’t wait for Book 6! I just love this series so much. Be swept away into a dimension that is familiar but not exactly similar……

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