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Best book yet! by Lady M.C. on September 19, 2013

This review is from: Gathering Storm: The Smallest Turn of Fate (Knights of the Black Swan, Book 5) (Kindle Edition)

“Gathering Storm” I was speechless for a long time after I finish reading. I laughed so hard (I almost did not make it to the little girl’s room), I cried, I was shocked and sad, all these emotions left me speechless.

The story picks up where Moonlight left off, and if I start telling you about it, I’ll get excited and ruin the story for you!

I first read “My Familiar Stranger” earlier this year and I was hooked, Ms. Danann has this ability to write a story that when you read her books you are not reading, you are actually living the whole adventure! The way it transports you wherever the characters go is unbelievable, I actually think I get a full workout while reading any of the “Black Swan Series” Books.

When the next book comes out I will have confirm that Ms. Danann is in fact out of this world! As I am sure it will be as good if not better than what I have read!

If you have not read any of the “Black Swan Series” you need to go to the beginning follow the links below:

The First 3 books “My Familiar Stranger” “The Witch’s Dream” and “A Summoner’s Tale” are in a collected pack here!

And “Moonlight” you can get here!

Thank you Ms. Danann! Your books definitely deserve more than 5 stars!


Thank you for the review Lady M.C.! We appreciate it! – Sarah


  1. Lady M.C. you said it all!! I get so lost in her books. The characters are like my friends. In this series I have several Book boy friends. Cant decide which I like the best. …Pam J.

  2. I just started reading these and have read books 1-6 so far. Absolutely love them and looking forward to reading the next one! I do have one question though, in Gathering Storm did Angel Storm get killed near the start of the book and then show up later like it never happened? I was just wondering if this was an oops or if I completely missed something? Other than that it is one of the best series I have came across!


    • That was a DIFFERENT Storm!! 🙂 Gives you an idea of what other Storms are doing too, and you get to see that our Storm was a very very lucky guy!!

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