Ask Victoria! 3


Question from Janine Fromherz Diller: Where do you write? Do you have a spot in your house? Is it anywhere that inspires?

Thank you for asking, Janine.

Right now my space is on the second story where I can look out at the upper branches of trees. I say right now because we are building a house on a small piece of property that is heavily treed and backs up to a lake. In the new house, my room will be on the ground floor where I can see both lake and trees and it will also combine my writing and music rooms. At present my music room is just below the space you see here, where I write.

I can’t say that I get inspiration from my environment, but I can tell you that, as a double Libra, I HAVE to have aesthetics that are pleasing to me and a reasonable amount of order. But more than anything else, I require quiet. I’m hyperaware of my surroundings, which is usually manageable but can be a handicap in certain modern constructs – like school.

Thom Hartmann has a theory regarding ADD, that when we evolved as hunter/gatherer culture, there would be one person in the tribe who would be aware of the tiniest change in atmosphere, the smallest sound, something in peripheral vision, any little thing out of the ordinary that could potentially be a danger to the group. In our distant past these traits were highly valued. Today we’re more likely to be regarded as problems. My parents were told that I should be put in a closet with a flashlight to do homework. That was probably true.

Even taking care to have a quiet place to write, the tiniest stimulus that might go unnoticed by someone else, can break or overwhelm my concentration. That’s why my writing space is not a traditional desk, but an actual reception unit that I bought from a second hand office furniture supply. Being surrounded by my “desk” probably makes me feel protected subconsciously and I’m sure it helps with focus.

We haven’t broken ground yet, but we have the plans. I’ll keep you posted.

deer path lane lot 1


  1. Your new piece of property sounds amazing! How fun to get to plan your own house just the way you want!

    Also, thank you for sharing Thom Hartmann’s theory . . . it is not one I have heard before but makes a lot of sense to someone who has worked in both the education and mental health fields.

  2. Looks like a beautiful piece of property.
    About twenty years ago I read I book created for parents, to teach parent how to help their children study. All of us way a certain way that we need to work in. I have forgotten both the name and author of the book. It’s was very interesting. In a work or study environment my personality likes chaos in that everything is all over the place yet I know where it is. This always annoyed my mother since order is her personalities favourite, and well my nephew seems to like to be in movement to learn.
    I am with you in distraction though unless I am over focused.
    By the way I love your books

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