Make Me Write a Follow Up to Moonlight and Give It To You For FREE 17


WANT EVEN MORE BLACK SWAN AND SOON? If I reach my goal of 500 supporters, I will write a follow-up novella to Moonlight and make it free the first week it’s out. So support this thunderclap AND invite your friends!



Release the Romance. BlackSwanKnights Book 7



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  2. I also have signed up and would do it again if I could! I’m pushing this to happen so let’s go Street Team and as that comedian say’s “Geter done”!!

  3. These looks son great books. I’ve only the first book I can’t get the others yet unless they come free like the first one

  4. Have read every Black Swan book. Some twice. Just finished #7, FANTASTIC, as usual. Please keep them coming as fast as you can.

    • LOL. Well, here’s the thing. While I’m not going to take ten years to write a book, like George R R Martin, I don’t want to go so fast that I sacrifice quality. It’s a balance, you know.

      But I have, coming up, the most strenuous schedule I’ve ever set for myself regarding promised releases.

  5. I just finished reading all of the books of in The Order Of The Black Swan,I hope there is more.The books were great.The stories really kept you glued to pages.

  6. When will you be releasing the next book in the series, can you email me when they are release so I can purchase. I can’t wait. I love the series

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