Make Me Write A Follow Up to MOONLIGHT and give it to you for FREE! 17

CoverAdIf I reach my goal of 500 supporters, I will write a follow-up novella to Moonlight and make it free the first week it’s out. So support my thunderclap project AND invite your friends!

You can help me get there. And it’s SO Easy.

WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? HELP ME SUPPORT the release of Black Swan Knights Book 7 AmazonCoverF


  1. I put it on Facebook and would have put Tumbler but cannot remember my name on it.! I have emailed friends and relations world-wide about your latest book out May 25th.. I wish you lots of success with the release of Solomon’s Sieve.. and I am positive it will be top of the NYT’s list on Tuesday May27th, peace and love, ❤
    ever your fan, ❤

    • Hi Karen.
      Thank you for the Facebook contribution. I have high hopes for this Thunderclap project. Sometimes marketing innovations only work once, so I’m trying to make this count! Making the list would be great. I know it’s silly, but I decided that I didn’t want to get there by being one of 12 in a $.99 box set – that I would rather wait and do it the old-fashioned way. That may have been dumb because it does take longer to get there, but if it ever happens I’ll be really proud of it and feel like it’s legit.

  2. Hi, Victoria, I have 46 books being bought in the United Kingdom and haven’t heard back from other places yet, not many but a start…
    peace and love, ever yours, Karen. ❤ 🙂

    • That’s FANTASTIC Karen. 46 is a huge number for U.K. I’m going to appoint you as honorary street team member. You’re already doing the work. You might as well get the stuff that goes with it! 😀

      • Thanks Victoria, I hope they all do buy copies because I said they are doing that! I will see how many people I know elsewhere, who might like to try a new author or book by you. I have been telling them that your books are full of richness, passion and a great story. love and friendship all making for a great novel. peace & love, ever yours, Karen ❤
        Thank you once again ❤ 🙂

  3. I posted on facebook yesterday and emailed some friends Wish you luck on this goal and LOVE your books, so looking forward to the newest one

    • WOO HOO I just got an email that said you actually got them all and had 5 days to spare even. CONGRATULATIONS. I knew you could get that many and more. I look forward to whatever you manage to come up with, I just bet you been thinking already though how it’s going to go 😉 Congratulations again.

      • YES. I’m more excited about this than I could have predicted. There’s something heady and exciting about being forced to write something I hadn’t planned to write.

        It will be a 20k- 30k novella to be entitled LIULF, Mahdrah Ahlee, New Scotia Pack 1.

        After we get past release week, I will plug this into my schedule and set a release date. I will also post regular progress updates on the fan site, This will be uncharted territory for me and, I suspect, a lot of fun. Thank you for making it happen.

  4. Victoria, please do not make yourself sick with nerves getting the best of you I know these things happen to us all but that is how we are all made, so I do not imagine that will change… make yourself some nice refreshing tea.. it works wonders.. sorry to presume Karen ❤ ❤

  5. LOL Thank you for the encouraging words, Karen. There will be some comforting moments, but nothing potent enough to make me sleep between now and the time feedback starts coming in. -V

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