READ WILD big shifter sale & giveaway this weekend 25

SummerflingPromot (2)


Winners are

Beverly Smith

Zonell Conant

Melissa Garcia

Wynette S. Evans

Melanie McClure


Come read on the wild side!
Huge shifter romance sale and giveaway!

As I mentioned earlier this week, the pack has gathered and we’ve put together quite a sale for you!  If you’re in the Wolf Pack FB group, you’ll be seeing additional giveaways and fun there.

If you haven’t joined the pack yet, you can find us here:

The giveaway is here:

And all the books on sale are listed below.  Remember, prices can change without notice so verify before you buy!



  1. I would love to display yet another one of my favorite top ten Authors by my computer. It would match the key chain nicely

  2. I would love a mouse pad because I would frame it and hang it where all can see not just that the author is great but so it the artist! It is so much more than a mousepad, it is ART!

  3. I would love a mouse pad, this way my husband will have to a reminder of me and the books I read from fabulous authors…he won’t be able to get away from it….lol

  4. I would love a mouse pad for many reasons.First because I need a new one, second because I would show it off to everyone, third it would go great with my signed bookmarks and fourth because I love your books.

  5. I am 53 years old and have been an avid reader since I was 12, I have not been this excited about an author in years your books are Awesome !!! That is why I would love the mouse pad 🙂

  6. I would love to have a mouse pad from you with my favorite books showing on it…And would be proud to show it off and let everyone know that I’m on the Black Swan Street team!!

  7. I’ve read and loved everything you’ve written, so I would be proud to advertise your series via mouse pad!

    • The introduction to EXILED, which is a spin off novella, will release next month (probably). The next full length Black Swan book will release in December. The plot is dependent on what happens in The Beast Who Loved Me.

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