While we’re waiting…. 8

Victoria is busily writing, and we’re happily (some more happily than others) waiting. I thought it would be fun to take advantage of her distraction and let her characters run loose while she was looking the other way. This game is simple. Her characters planned to go on vacation, but it all got mixed up! Just take two characters, picked from your birth month and your birth date, on a trip, based on the color you’re wearing, and create a story complete with how they were dressed based on the first letter of your last name. Be sure and leave your tale of the escapade in the comments. I can’t wait to see what comes up! Huge thanks to my co-worker, Sarah, for helping to dream up some of these ideas!

Have fun. -Judyvictoria's characters

Elora’s Favorite Chocolates Cookbook! 2

We’ve got so many new fans, I want to be sure everyone knows about the cookbook! Please forgive the repost if you’ve seen this before…if not, be sure and read it! You’ve got until May 1st to get your submission in. I’ll be posting weekly reminders until then. It’s going to fantastic! -Judy


Are you a fantastic cook?  A master of chocolatey delights?  A pastry chef extraordinaire?

Then we would love to have you be a part of Victoria Danann’s newest project . . .  Elora’s Cookbook!

Here are the guidelines:

1) You will be named in the cookbook, but not paid.

2) You must sign a waiver indemnifying 7th House and Victoria Danann from publishing complications, stating that the recipe is your own and that you own the rights to it.

3) You need to include a cookbook-worthy photo of your dish that is yours, and not taken from an online source.

4) And, all recipes need to include chocolate as an ingredient!

What that really means:  We need to make sure that the recipe is yours and not Betty Crocker’s.

-Recipes usually include a list of ingredients to work with. The list alone cannot be copyrighted, which is why certain popular recipes or specific combinations of food may be printed in different cookbooks.  It is the description of how they are assembled, put together or used that makes a recipe unique to the writer.

– While the list of ingredients cannot be copyrighted, the procedure and the name of the dessert could be.  Be creative. The intellectual effort the writer gives to create the dish in a certain way makes it different from another recipe with the same ingredients.  Each writer has to have their own voice and tone on how to prepare and finish the recipe.

What types of recipes we are looking for:

As long as your recipe includes chocolate, it will be considered for the cookbook!  Here are some sections we will be looking to fill, although we are open to ideas not listed below:





-no bakes

-frozen treats

-low fat / calorie


-main dishes (if you have a main course that includes chocolate (like Mexican chocolate chicken), please share!)

If you would like your recipe to be included:

-Please email both recipe and picture to Judy Fox at jfox1118@gmail.com no later than May 1, 2014.

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