• So we are nearing the end of the Black Swan Series? I must say you are becoming one of my favorite authors by how you mix such interesting plot twists and romance. Just finished Solomon’s Sieve and boy did it leave me ready for the Glenn and Rosie story. And hope to see maybe more babies on the way from our favorite couples? I hope so!

      • I would love to see Falcon’s story, and maybe Helm’s story when he grows up. Hope you continue with Black Swan series.

    • Have just finished book 8 after having read the previous 7 in the last four days, what can I say I couldn’t put them down, which brings me to exile and book 9 can’t find exile and do you have a title for book 9 in the Black Swan Series

      • Hi Pauline – If you read all the books in four days, then you’ve either taken Evelyn Woods speed reading or you didn’t DO ANYTHING ELSE! If it was the latter, then I’m very flattered.

        Book 8 actually isn’t out yet. I don’t count Prince of Demons as Book 8 because it’s related to Black Swan, but is not a Black Swan book.

        The first book of EXILED, http://victoriadanann.com/exiled/carnal/ releases October 12th.

        Black Swan #8 will be out in November. The 11th,I think.

        Thanks for reading,
        Victoria 😀

  1. I absolutely enjoyed the Black Swan book series. I hated putting the books down to have to go to sleep. I’m looking forward to reading Exiled and the next installment of Black Swan book 8. Thank you for the wonderful stories.


  2. Absolutely love the Black Swan series. I’ve just finished #7 (after reading 1-6 again) & you never disappoint.
    At the end of each book I feel like screaming…’NO!, don’t stop now. There’s more to know’…….so I’m so relieved & happy that there’s more to come in Exiled & #8.
    Your books have captured my imagination & your ‘cast’ have become extended family.
    It makes me secretly wish that ‘Black Swan Knights really do exist, & are not just elaborate fairy…(ahem) Elf Tales.

  3. Thank for the Black Swan series. I laughed and cried ” happy tears” thru all seven stories. I am glad to know Rosie’s story will continue in the Exiled series. So will we find out what Elora is (elf or fae) in book 8 or in the prequel? I love you writing style and your use of language. Well, since I have to wait until the end of August, I better do all the things I have put off while reading the Black Swan stories. Thanx you again.

  4. I am truly going to miss this series when it is over!! I love the way the characters from previous books are such a huge part of the current book. I’m up to date on the Black Swan series having just read the Demon Prince 1-3 yesterday. I’m really looking forward to reading Exiled now that I’ve had a little taste 🙂

      • Lol yes I know now. I asked this before I found out. I was going crazy because it said October, but I couldn’t find it anywhere! Lol can’t wit to read it 🙂

  5. I just reread posts on the funnies, saddest stories and I have to say there are so many of both…funny – definitely the toothpick and “show me your fangs And…by far the saddest was the ending of the series. I can’ wait for the new ones. Oh, I almost forgot the meeting of Elora and Stalkson Grey. CANNOT wait for more!!! Helane

  6. I love black swan and new scotia. Carnal was amazing but disappointing at the same time. When is Journey man coming out? I need more. I read all those books within the last week and I need more please!!

    • Hi Amy

      Thank you for letting me know you’re enjoying my alternate realities. Journey Man will be out soon. End of this month or beginning of next.


      P.S. Read slower. LOL

  7. Hi, I just signed up to your newsletter, I am looking forward to the next book, which I now have, I didn’t know Glen had his story, when I saw the book I was so excited that I shelved the other story that I was reading BSK are my priority, co-workers know not to talk to me when reading, because I am in my own little world. Thank you Ms. Danann for my escapes, I am yours in reading. Thank You.

    • Hi Arcelia –

      Thank you for writing. So glad you’re enjoying the stories. We all need to get away from “real” life sometimes.

      Journey Man was just released 3 weeks ago and is still very new.

      Crave, the 2nd book of Exiled, is releasing in 19 days. I’m very excited about it because I feel like it’s the best thing I’ve written since A Summoner’s Tale.

      My Best,

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