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What’s next in Black Swan? The second book is… 2

In response to a comment from a reader received this morning, I decided to write a quick update on Book Two: The Witch’s Dream.

My target for release is mid October, but, if I enter into a contract to publish in print form as well as electronic, there might be a slight delay. I will post developments on this blog.

To Jen – I hope you always finish reading my books tapping foot impatiently for the next one. Thank you for the feedback. It keeps me typing.

Exclusive with Amazon.com Reply

Update to my announcement a couple of weeks ago that we are going with Amazon.com exclusively. For those of you who want to read My Familiar Stranger on devices other than Kindle… here’s the solution.

NO Kindle? NO Problem.

You can download a FREE reading app for smart phones, computers, or tablets at Amazon. com.


Giddy for Reviews 5

Patience is the main thing I’m supposed to be working on in this lifetime and I don’t think I’m gaining on it. I rush to the Amazon.com website first thing every morning to see if there are any new reviews. I don’t get nearly as many as I would like, but so far every one is a priceless treasure that inspires me to get busy on finishing the Book Two manuscript.

There is no better feeling in the world than thinking there are people out there who are reading and enjoying my book. Today it is very good to be me. Reviews are posted chronoligically here.

5.0 out of 5 stars A True Fan!,May 14, 2012
AngMy Familiar Stranger – A Paranormal Romance (The Order of the Black Swan) (Kindle Edition)

What can I say, from the first few pages I was completely sucked into this story, and it only got better the further along I got. Victoria Danann, has a true gift, she brought the story alive for me, I swooned, I squee’d , I pouted and got downright angry with the characters in this book and then fell in love all over again, but mostly it entranced me and carried me along for the ride, and I was almost heartsick when I finished the book, If you are a fan of Paranormal Romance, then you will Love, Love this book, I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of the Black Swan (series) and I’ve become a complete fan of the world Victoria Danann has created for us.

If you enjoyed My Familiar Stranger, please click here TO GO TO AMAZON.COM and leave your review.

You may feel like other people have already said it all, but people often buy books just by the total number of positive reviews without even reading any. It’s the standard for recognition and Amazon gives it a lot of weight in ranking. If you loved My Familiar Stranger and want to see more adventures with these characters, please give an assist.

If you’ve already left a review, thank you. It’s very much appreciated.

My Best,


First Reader Acknowledgement Reply

Today My Familiar Stranger made it to ebooks #41 in the entirety of the genre of ROMANCE – not just Paranormal Romance. It’s impossible to say how gratifying that is.

The first person to read My Familiar Stranger was my daughter, Kelly.  The next day after I gave it to her she called and simply said, “I want more.” My first thought was that I had accidentally sent her a chapter, or maybe three chapters, instead of the whole manuscript which is 111,378 words as opposed to the typical 80,000 words for paranormal romance novels.

As it turned out, she read through the day and through the night without stopping.  As an avid reader of fiction, she said I should be very flattered that this is only the second book – in her life – that she couldn’t put down. Naturally I thought she was being supportive and encouraging. Now that reviews are starting to trickle in, and others say the same thing – that they couldn’t put it down – I’m beginning to believe that she wasn’t just being kind.

If you enjoyed My Familiar Stranger, please click here and leave your review.

You may feel like other people have already said it all, but people often buy books just by the total number of positive reviews without even reading any. It’s the standard for recognition.

If you’ve already left a review, thank you. It’s very much appreciated.

M.F.S. Reviewed by Bitten by Paranormal Romance 2

NEW REVIEW from Carole Dee of the Bitten by Paranormal Romance blog.

FIVE STARS.  My Familiar Stranger was a wonderfully engrossing paranormal romance with just a dash of science fiction that grabbed me from page one and didn’t let go!
Ms. Danann absolutely knows how to get a series going. My Familiar Stranger created a captivating new world with so many possibilities. With elves, beserkers, fairies, vampires and who knows what else running around a society parallel to our own there is so much potential! The world building was awesome. Through Danann’s vivid descriptions I felt like I could actually see The Order’s lavish headquarters and the creepy but whimsical Romanian stronghold.

I don’t want to give too much away, but watching the relationships build between Elora and the B-Team was magical. This is no “wham-bam, I’m instantly in love with you” book. The relationships progress over time which makes it that much more heartbreaking when you realize that Elora will have to choose between honoring a debt, true love, or true lust. But fear not, Elora gets her happily ever after just like in her favorite fairy..um….er….I mean elf tales.

My Familiar Stranger quickly turned into the kind of book that left my husband and son eating pizza for dinner. Who has time to cook when you could be reading a great book instead?

Go ahead and get your pizza coupons handy and start reading My Familiar Stranger now, you won’t be disappointed.


If you are looking for a strong partnership between men and women in a modern world reimagined to be the best of what we could be mixed with magic, science, vampires, elves, love and adventure then don’t miss this book.

.Warning, start reading it when you have time to read for hours because having to put it down will make you grumpyPaula

What do women want? I know. Do you? Reply

I was asked to participate in a giveaway at a popular blog. Part of the fun was coming up with a challenge question.  Being somewhat literate, I’m aware that men have been struggling with the question, “What do women want?” since the beginning of recorded history. Great thinkers such as Plato and Freud have tried and failed to come up with the answer.

I know the answer to that question, as do all fans of paranormal romance. You may not have articulated it, but you know what it is. If you want to take a stab at expressing it, let me know.

The Witch’s Dream 2

Actually had a dream last night about a dream sequence for the book The Witch’s Dream. This is the sort of synchronicitous event that keeps me excited because it’s the gentle nudge that says, “Yes. You’re on the right path. Don’t chase rabbits or venture off into the shadows of the forest. Just stay on the road until you’re there.”

Am vowing to split my writing time between Seasons 2013 and The Witch’s Dream so that I meet the Seasons of the Witch deadline and still make progress on delightful-to-write fiction. I figure if I post it publicly, then I have to do it. Right?