Victoria’s Favorite Books Read in 2013 18

This is not a list of books published in 2013. It’s a list of my favorite books read this past year. You may notice that there are no paranormal or scifi books on the list. That’s not for lack of trying. I did read some. They just didn’t make the cut.

As I’ve said many times, before I began writing fiction I read every paranormal and paranormal romance that was of any consequence. Perhaps it was inevitable that I would become either saturated or bored. I have a low tolerance for repetition. Enough said. So this was a year dominated by

1.howtokillarockstar  HOW TO KILL A ROCK STAR by Tiffanie DeBartolo

Published in 2005, this was NEW ADULT years before there was a label for it. Eight years out, but new to me. This is my Number One for 2013. If you love angst, neurotic characters, music and a flawless plot, I suggest you hurry to get this book. My ONLY criticism is that the author hasn’t published anything since.

 2.     OutlanderOutlander by Diana Gabaldon

Published in 2004, this book had been recommended to me dozens of times by friends over the years and for some reason I ignored them. Then one day one of my street team members (Dee Bowerman) mentioned it in response to a Facebook question about what man (as opposed to boy) occupies your real man fantasies. I picked it up ($1.99 Kindle for an incredible 894 pages!!) and read the entire series nonstop. I have now been responsible for several friends finding a new series to cherish. This is a reread waiting to happen – probably several times.

There are really good reasons why – after nine years – it is still ranked… WOW!!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #14 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)


boyinabandBoy in a Band by Lisa Loomis

This book got my prize for most gut-wrenching story I ever read. I walked around in a funk for three days afterward. This is (I strongly suspect.) a true story disguised as fiction. Knowing that makes the emotional roller coaster almost unbearable. This book was painful and yet I’m not sorry I read it. I’m including a link to my full review.



4. motorcyclemanMotorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

I have to classify this book as a guilty pleasure. On one level I’m ashamed that I liked it because, as a feminist, I shouldn’t enjoy anything that goes on my “overbearing bad boys” shelf in Goodreads. But underneath the couple’s power struggle there was a charming, sweet and real romance, the kind you rarely get in books, wherein two people are trying to work through the dynamics of melding radically different backgrounds, perspectives, and priorities into a shared life that is exciting and harmonious.


5. thoughtlessThe Thoughtless Trilogy by S.C. Stephens

Riddled with flaws, but still so compelling. This book is categorized as New Adult, but should be paranormal romance because the male lead does not exist in our reality. So long as we give ourselves permission to accept that, just as we do in paranormal, we are freed to relax and enjoy. (Except for all the smacking.)




stop signHave you ever been happily enjoying a promising book – you’re buying the plot, you’re relating to the characters, you’ve successfully escaped your real life – only to be slammed back to reality by a glaring (and usually senseless) error? Like all authors, I’m a reader as well and have my personal peeves.

Today I’m posting some of my top picks for worst book mistakes (no titles, no author names). Please believe me, there have been hundreds. This is just a tiny sampling and don’t think they all came from non-edited or self-published books. Oh contraire!

You are welcome to add yours and I will append them to the list. (Again, NO TITLES, NO AUTHORS.)

5. “Open ten a.m. to twelve p.m.” – I think the author meant to say twelve a.m. and not that the establishment was open for only two hours out of twenty four.

4. “Chock it up” – The phrase is “chalk it up“. It’s a reference to writing something noteworthy on a blackboard with CHALK.

3. “Faithful journey“. – Although that is entirely possible, within the context referenced the author meant to say “fateful journey“. If the writer doesn’t know the difference, I know what to say about that, but will refrain from saying it.

2. “Fire in the hold“. Although there may have been fires in ships’ holds from time to time, as there have been fires in barns, theaters and outhouses, the phrase “fire in the hole” originated with cannon fire as a warning to clear away after the fuse was lit.

1. AND THE WINNER IS…  Fred Flinstone. The author, intending this reference to be a running gag, made this mistake a whopping NINE times in this book. Tragically, the author missed the tongue-in-cheek joke behind Flintstone‘s name.

Flint is a hard, sedimentary cryptocrystalline form of the mineral quartz, categorized as a variety of chert. It occurs chiefly as nodules and masses in sedimentary rocks, such as chalks and limestones. When struck, flint fractures like glass. Flint is one of the hardest materials, close behind diamond. It takes a razor sharp edge, so is ideal for tools and weapons.



In an effort to practice the Golden Rule, I used to contact other authors and let them know if I found an editing issue, but I stopped the practice when I learned it wasn’t accepted as intended – as a good will gesture. As for myself, please! If you ever find an error in one of my books, let me know so that I can upload a corrected version. I would rather be embarrassed and right, then ignorant and wrong. Sincerely, Victoria

Black Swan Collected Tales, Books 1-6 Release 2

The Order of the Black Swan is a serial saga including My Familiar Stranger, The Witch’s Dream, A Summoner’s Tale, Moonlight, Gathering Storm, and NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Book 6, A Tale of Two Kingdoms.

Once upon a time a girl lost everything familiar. She escaped death by being forced into an experiment that left her in another world where modern day knights, elves, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons and fae became her allies, friends and family. She discovered a place where adventure intersects fairytales, where honor is more than an ideal, and she learned that love can find you in the strangest places, when you’re least expecting it, even when you’re far, far from home. This is the story of Elora Laiken’s strange and wonderful journey. It is also the story of those whose lives she touches along the way.

If you love romance, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, contemporary, this series is right for you. 17+

ISBN: 978-1-933320-94-6

533,000 word

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Lovely Letters 1

Friends of Black Swan, Mark and JoBeth Harris, shared the series with a friend. What a nice surprise to have that friend post this comment on Facebook.

As most of you know I am an avid reader…I love my books and that is how I relax.  I read psychological thrillers, mysteries, espionage some horror and some fantasy/scifi…I am a *huge*snob when it comes to ‘romance’ books…hate them…look down my nose at them…etc.  Which is why I’m writing this little note to everyone…. Mark Harris and JoBeth Sexton-Harris recommended a series of books by… Victoria Danann..they are considered ‘paranormal romance’…so being the snob that I am…I figured I wouldn’t like them but I’d give it a try since none of my regular authors had anything new out….

WOW…was I surprised….

while there is romance in them and would not be recommended for under 17…these are some of the best books I’ve read…I started the first one about a week ago…and am starting the 4th in the series now…the characters are well written, there is mystery, twists, turns…I’ve become ‘friends’ with the characters…can ‘see’ the places described in my head….it is a great series…It’s called The Order of the Black Swan series…well worth the time…the characters are wonderful…I love discovering new authors….thanks Mark and Beth!!!!
Thank you, Tina Talkington.

Interview with Stalkson Grey 10/31/13 Reply



Victoria: First, thank you for agreeing to the interview. I know this is not your favorite sort of thing. Let me take just a moment to make sure your readers are on the same page, so to speak. Stalkson Grey, is a werewolf who first appeared in The Order of the Black Swan serial saga in Book Two, The Witch’s Dream. His character, as king of the Elk Mountain, Idaho werewolf tribe, was arrogant and more or less insufferable.


Grey: Now just a minute!


Victoria: He turns up again in Book Four, Moonlight, and gives a rousing performance as my somewhat loosely associated version of Red Riding Hood’s big bad wolf. Now then. Grey, I understand congratulations are in order. The elders named you king of the new northern werewolf colony in Lunark dimension.


Grey: (nods)


Victoria: Forgive me for being blunt, but I thought you didn’t want to be king, too much responsibility and all that.


Grey: I didn’t. I don’t. It just turns out that I hate being told what to do more than I hate having the responsibility for everybody’s welfare.


Victoria: I see. So how is it going? I see you’re looking rather casual.


Grey: (Glances down at his pants and smiles. He was shirtless and wearing the same soft doeskin pants that Deliverance favors.) Yes. We don’t have many functions that require waistcoats.


Victoria: Waistcoats. No. I suppose not. Those pants look a lot like what Deliverance wears. And didn’t I hear that you named the new colony Deliverance?


Grey: Yes.


Victoria: Yes? Just yes?


Grey: The demon hooked me up with the pants. The new colony is named Deliverance.


Victoria: Okay. Shall we assume the colony was named for the demon?


Grey: Assume whatever you like.

Victoria: Come on. Work with me a little here.


Grey: All right. I named it Deliverance partly because the demon brought us here, partly because we were delivered from years of worry and misconception about extinction of our species, partly because of the reality of being delivered from the cancerous, avaricious behavior of the humans, and partly because the migration was my delivery into a new life. Like being born again.


Victoria: (It took me a minute to absorb all that.) Wow.


Grey: (He rolled one shoulder in a graceful, athletic shrug.)


Victoria: So how’s Luna? It can’t be easy to be a new wife and adjust to life on a frontier at the same time.


Grey: (He blinded me with a boyish grin that made him look like he was in his early twenties.) Happy. Pregnant. With twins! (He chuckled.) She tells everybody that Lunark Dimension was named after her. She’s well-liked by the other human mates and her skills as healer, well, we needed them. She’s teaching the others.


Victoria: (I couldn’t help but smile at that.) That’s nice, Grey. I’m glad it’s working out for both of you. When are the babies due?


Grey: Mid-winter. We’ll make it work.


Victoria: Do you want girls or boys?


Grey: (He grinned again.) Girls.


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Yes, Victoria. Real men DO like Black Swan. 4

Almost missed this write up by this ex-military spouse of a Black Swan fan. It was left as a post on the Facebook fan page and obscured under “posts by others”. I’m so proud of this. Take a look.

By Mark Harris…

I have been a huge science fiction/fantasy/adventure book fan since I was a little boy and I never thought I would say this about a “romance” novel but, I really, really like the Order of the Black Swan series!  I think that what makes these books a better read than any romance novel I’ve ever seen is that they are books of a paranormal nature with romance strategically placed within the storyline.  The reader is not inundated with a person’s fantasy of how love should be; we are simply made privy to the characters world and that world just happens to have love and romance in it. 

What has really drawn me to Victoria Danann’s series is that each character is brought to life in an enrapturing way.  You can’t help but want to read more about each of their lives!  And the masterful storyteller that she is, Victoria doles out each helping of their history in perfect portion.  The first book hooks you, and the rest of them expand your knowledge, understanding, and love of each character.  And because each character is well thought out and fully developed, they support each other in a harmony that can only be described as perfect.

My Familiar Stranger introduces you to the “main characters” of the Black Swan world.  You realize early on that these people will have a bond that transcends time (much like the bond created by military personnel that have served in combat together).  And that bond becomes the center of the storyline.  With all the ups and downs, twists and turns that are a part of any true relationship, these characters take you on a ride that is both fantastic and yet, somehow, familiar (at least to me).  Action, drama, and romance, all seamlessly blended to tell a tale that is so captivating that you can’t help but feel like you are a part of it as it unfolds before you.

Flowing into the second book, The Witch’s Dream, our beloved characters take on a somewhat supporting role as new characters are brought to the limelight.  Just like in the first book, you are at once enthralled by these characters and can’t wait to hear their stories.  And once again, Victoria delivers!  Fantasy becomes reality; the impossible becomes the possible, and all the while, the reader is led through this magical, yet plausible, world with the anticipation of a child waiting to open their Yule presents.

This then leads to A Summoner’s Tale, the third book in the series.  Right from the start you know that this will be yet another adrenaline laced adventure sure to captivate and entertain.  The storyline continues to unfold and in the process we are allowed to explore the history of yet another character, while still being enthralled by the lives of the original characters. 

You cannot have made it this far in the series without, at least once, having said, “That’s what I would have done!”, or “I can so see myself saying that!”

No, I am not a romance novel reader.  But I am a lover of a good story, with wonderful character development, that is able to keep me interested and wanting more.  And, in this respect, Victoria Danann delivers!  Do yourself a favor and pick up the first book…you won’t be disappointed.

As for me, I can’t wait to read the rest of the Order of the Black Swan series!

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On December 8th, the Black Swan box set INCLUDING THE NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Book Six, A Tale of Two Kingdoms, will be available for one week only for $0.99. PREORDER at Smashwords, B&N and Apple starting mid-November. Look for it under Black Swan Collected Tales. Be sure you don’t miss out.

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