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He tried to get his own book entitled, Ram, The Magnificient, by extorting me with the threat of opening his own twitter account. When I refused to comply, he made good on the blackmail.

There’s no one more pig headed or strong willed. So I can only hope that I can stay close behind with effective damage control because there’s just no telling what he will say.

– Victoria

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October 30th on Alphas, Authors & Books Oh My … My list of the top gothic horror books that gave roots to modern paranormal romance.


Don’t miss the interview with Stalkson Grey at Paranormal Cravings on October 31st!!


The incubus, Deliverance, is NOT getting his own book, but he IS getting his own hour at this fabulous paranormal speed dating event.


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Ask Victoria! 1


What books or author’s have inspired your writing?

Stephen King, Anne Rice, Terry Pratchett, and Ray Bradbury.

What is your favorite book?

Memnoch the Devil, Anne Rice. Also high up on the list: The Gate To Women’s Country by Sherri S Tepper and Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t recommend any of these to someone unless I knew that they were students of religious studies or, in case of Gate, feminism.

Victoria’a Postscript…

No idea when I gave that answer. It’s still largely true, but I would like to expound on it.

Stephen King is one of my favorites as much because of style as anything. In my mind, he drew a line between the flowery language of English literature (Diana Gabaldon, Outlander) and straight-forward contemporary Americana. Since he and I are the same age, I saw that as part of the boomer revolution and badly needed reorganization of culture.

Starting All Over Again 3

NOR300x250On December 8th, the sixth book of the saga will release.

The problem with writing a serial saga, as opposed to a series of stand alone books, is that people will be lost if they don’t start at the beginning with Book #1. At the very least, the reader’s enjoyment will be compromised if all the details and characters aren’t understood with the depth and complexity intended. That’s the downside.

The upside is that there is an exquisite pleasure in an ongoing story that is not available in loosely related novels. It’s swimming in the deep end instead of always standing in thigh deep water. The overarching story available to the author of saga allows for an experience of total submersion that the short starts and stops of individual novels can’t aspire to. It’s SO satisfying to write. I’m these characters’ number one fan.

Initiation into this experiment in paranormal romance begins at the beginning

…with My Familiar Stranger, the first book which is “perma-free” and available everywhere. So, regardless of my excitement about the latest installment release, it all comes back to the beginning.

Ask Victoria! 1


YES! Victoria. There IS a quantum universe!

Alenna Meduna-Mahar asks:

I loved Gathering Storm and can’t wait for the next installments. Especially Aelsong and the Prince. I have one burning inquiry though. Which Storm was shot in the face? Was it a third storm? I originally thought it was going to have been Angel. I thought “Storm” ended up in Halcyon Dimension which was Angel’s Dimension, making Angel his placeholder for Halcyon (even though he didn’t need one). I’m a little confused and for some reason I have to understand everything. It is driving my brain crazy….Please Help!


Dear Alenna,

One of my favorite bloggers sent me an email to clarify some of the finer points of this story that involves multiple dimensions. I’m going to simply recreate our exchange here. This was my answer.

I know this is complicated.

Our Storm is in Loti Dimension.

The version of Storm who is mistakenly brought to Loti Dimension is from Halcyon Dimension.

Our Storm ends up in a third (unnamed) dimension, reaping the consequences of a version that took the same path as Angel.

The point was to say that there may be thousands of versions of ourselves experiencing an almost infinite range of results based on turns of fate that are tiny in the big picture. Have you ever had dreams that feel so real, in a situation where you don’t recognize the environment or the players? That is what prompted my desire to write this book – the suspicion that there are these other versions of ourselves, to which we are connected in a psychic way, that overlap the subconscious (and alternate) reality of our dreams.

If this is not a good enough explanation, I will take another run at it.

My blogger friend replied with a lovely summary arranged by bullet points. I replied to each with a bold red YES!


HI Victoria,  It’s a fine explanation for me.

  • Placeholder Storm who is murdered by the young woman is in Dimension X and that is Where Black Swan Engle Storm ends up. This Dimension is also a location where the Loan Shark is and where the dead guy owes him money. YES
  • In Halcyon Angel Storm goes to his favorite bar which is the same as Hal Cyon’s bar.  He owes another version of the loan shark money but is absconded with to Loti as he is about to be beaten up. YES
  • In Loti they are missing Engle Storm and get Angel in his stead. YES

It is confusing and felt like a continuity error until I had your explanation.

It’s a Quantum Universe!


Review Spotlight by MADAME LOVES TO READ Reply




This review is from: A Summoner’s Tale – The Vampire’s Confessor (Black Swan 3) (Kindle Edition)

Once again, I have been captured and intrigued by Ms.Danann’s story-telling.

This particular passage stuck with me and ,I feel, it gives a glimpse of the type of thought process of the character’s you get when reading these books.


One of the most wonderful things about Ms. Danann’s books ,at least for me, is the fact that even though you are getting a new love story with each book, you are also getting more details of the previous characters. In other words, this is done in an on-going saga. Usually in a series you get one story about one specific couple and sneak-peaks of the previous characters… Not So with Ms. Danann’s books. It is like watching your favorite prime-time shows……. I Love This! For me, it is a refreshing way to read a series.

In my humble opinion, A Summoner’s Tale is a fantastic continuation. One of my favorite moments ,through out this series, are the interactions between Elora and her dog Blackie. I find myself laughing out-loud when reading Blackie’s thoughts. I can almost ‘see’ Blackie looking at his Mistress and thinking “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND WOMAN!”. Another favorite for me is watching the ‘growth’ of Glenn’s character, who was introduced in The Witches Dream. This is another passage I am about to share….

GLEN’S THOUGHTS: ‘”There was just something about the fact that Sir Simon had quietly gone about doing what needed doing while trying to shield a young trainee from the harsh reality of The Order’s mission and protect his innocence as long as possible. Glen knew he had the ability to do anything he wanted. And what he wanted was to be that kind of man.”‘ This is the type of characters that Ms. Danann provides in her books. They are Intelligent, Strong in Character, Humorous, and Thoughtful in mind and deeds. Even with all their normal and not so normal ‘Life’s Hang-Up’s’!

I honestly can not express how much I enjoy this Author’s writing and these beautiful characters of hers. They are truly wonderful and interesting stories that I believe should not be missed.
Thank-you again Ms. Danann for sharing another Intriguing story with us……… All I ask, IS THAT YOU KEEP THEM COMING! 🙂

Thank you for the review MADAME LOVES TO READ! We appreciate it! – Sarah

Interview with Ram #2 3

An Update with Rammel Hawking

by Victoria Danann



me: Sir Hawking, it’s such a pleasure to interview you again. A lot has happened since the last time we talked.


Ram: Aye. Some good. Some bad.  


me: Yes. Well, that’s life.


Ram: No. ‘Tis no’ life. ‘Tis commercial fiction that has us runnin’ all over the Western world barely recoverin’ from one horrendous injury before you have us doin’ bleedin’ sheet time again. And, when I say “bleedin'”, ’tis meant literally.


me: Yes. I know, but let’s focus on the great things that have happened. You’ve been inducted into the Hall of Heroes. You’ve got a beautiful, healthy, charismatic baby boy…


Ram: I’m no’ complainin’ about Helm and you know it. He’s bloomin’ perfection. ‘Tis the hero thin’ that turned out dubious because now my wife thinks I should conduct myself with a certain decorum befittin’ the honor. Great Paddy.


me: She’s very proud of you.


Ram: (He smiles.)


me: See? Your life isn’t so bad.


Ram: It has its moments. But you’re always trickin’ us into believin’ we’re doin’ one thin’ and then you sprin’ somethin’ entirely different on us and we’re goin’ in a bloody different direction. We never have a chance to decide if we’re comin’ or goin’.     


me: Give me an example.


Ram: You think I can no’ come up with one? Right off the top of my head? How ’bout this? You led us to believe we were retirin’. Gonna enjoy life! Fruit of the vine and all that. So I’m busy bustin’ hump to get Elora’s dream home finished before the baby comes. Matter of fact that’s where I was when she was bein’ attacked by fuckers from her dimension of origin.


me: (I have to laugh.) Dimension of origin?


Ram: Aye. You have a problem with me callin’ it that, Mistress?


me: No. Not at all. It’s just that the phrase “dimension of origin” seems so politically correct and academic. I guess I wouldn’t have had you say that because I would have thought it was out of character.


Ram: (Scowls.) You think I’m no’ bright?


me: Of course I don’t think that! You wouldn’t have made it through Black Swan training if you weren’t smart.


Ram: (Nods) Exactly right. In the future, if you’re wantin’ to know what is or is no’ in “character” for me, then just ask me. ‘Tis what you should have been doin’ all along anyhow.


me:  Quite right. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.


Ram: Because your vanity does no’ have limits.


me: Did you enjoy that?


Ram: (grins)


me: Okay. If it makes you feel better to say such things to me, go ahead.


Ram: Well, if you’re serious, I have quite a lengthy list of thin’s I’d like to say to you.


me: (My turn to show him a third finger.)


Ram: (grins)


me: This might be a good time to switch topics. You’ve collected quite a fan base since the last time we talked.


Ram: Really?


 me: Yes. You’re the focus of nocturnal fantasies for a growing chunk of the fairer sex.


Ram: Fairer sex, is it? I do no’ believe women are especially fair. Selfish or self-involved maybe.


me: No, Ram. The expression doesn’t mean fairness as in justice. It means the prettier sex.


Ram: Duh! It was a joke!


me: Well, forgive me a moment of being uncharacteristically dense.


Ram: (Laughs and shakes his head.) You probably think bein’ dense is “out of character” for you.


me: (blink, blink) What does that mean?


Ram: Have you seriously never considered that you may be just one of the characters in this story? ‘Tis your job to play the spy who lurks and journals on what those of us with real lives say and do. 


me: Is that what you think?


Ram: (smiles) Nah. I’m just fuckin’ with you. 


me: Okay. Back to your fans…


Ram: Look. I do no’ want to seem rude or unnecessarily conceited, but attractin’ the fairer sex has never been a problem for me. ‘Tis no’ very surprisin’ that some would like to picture themselves in my mate’s position. (He chuckles.) Or maybe I should say positions.


me: Hmmm. No doubt. Well, let’s wrap this up. Why don’t you tell me where you see yourself in five years.


Ram: (narrows his eyes) ‘Tis a trick? I tell you what I’d like so you can make sure it does no’ happen?


me: You know it truly hurts that you think I’m so devious. Of course I want to see you get your happily ever after.


Ram: If I’m feelin’ distrustful of you, ’tis entirely your own fault. Reapin’ what you sow, you know.


me: Okay.


Ram: I’d like us to be home on the farm, feeling safe and secure, raising elfren and Alsatian dogs. I want my mate happy every second of every day. She deserves it.


me: I’ll see what I can do.


5/25/2013 Moonlight Release

An Interview with Deliverance Reply

An Interview with Deliverance


Victoria: Thank you for taking the time to give an interview. Your fans will be happy to hear from you.


Deliverance: Of course they will. What a shame I can’t give them all an ‘interview’ (air quotes) in person.


Victoria: Yes, well, they’d love that, I’m sure.


Deliverance:  They would. (smiles) Guaranteed.


Victoria: (sigh) Whatever.


Deliverance: (frowns) I don’t get it. Why don’t you like me?


Victoria: What makes you think I don’t like you?


Deliverance: (smirks) The way I know how to read women, what do you think are your chances of hiding your feelings from me? Take, for instance, the way you keep clenching your teeth between questions.


Victoria: (I try to relax my jaw.) Just pre-release day stress. Nothing to do with you.


Deliverance: Bull. Shit. (says it in a very metrosexual sing song way)


Victoria: Fine. Let’s start with this. Disrespect. You’ve come to my interview wearing nothing but doeskin pants, which look incredibly soft and comfortable and luxurious by the way. You don’t even have on shoes.


Deliverance: (looks at his feet and admires his stretching toes) Is there something wrong with my feet?


Victoria: No, demon. Even your feet are beautiful. You know it. I know it. (He smiles wickedly.) That’s not the point.


Deliverance: It’s not?


Victoria: No.


Deliverance: Well, I didn’t know this was a no shirts, no shoes, no shit interview.


Victoria: It’s not! Obviously. Since I’m talking to you.


Deliverance: If we agree that my feet are nice to look at, then why would I want to cover them up?


Victoria: Why are you wearing pants?


Deliverance: Because I get too much of the wrong kind of attention in your dimension if I display the uncensored version of glory. But since it’s just the two of us… (stands and reaches for his waistband)


Victoria: Stop right there! I’m a married woman.


Deliverance: (stares before throwing his head back to laugh) And you think most of my fuel isn’t provided courtesy of married women? You still haven’t given me a reason why you don’t like me. (sits, pants on)


Victoria: Because I pride myself on multifaceted characters and you’re pretty close to one-dimensional.


Deliverance: One-dimensional Funny.


Victoria: (grins) It was. It is. I need to make a note and use that in a book. (I look around for something to write on.)


Deliverance: I’m not one-dimensional. I have a family.


Victoria: That’s the only thing that keeps you from being completely one-dimensional. Except for that, your entire existence is nothing but sex.


Deliverance: What’s wrong with that?


Victoria: What’s wrong with that is – sex is not everything!


Deliverance: If I put you someplace where there’s no food for two days and then ask if food is everything to you, my bet is you’d say yes.


Victoria: Okay. You have a point there. I’ll give you that. But that’s not all. There’s the fact that you are completely self-absorbed and as irresponsible as a fifteen year old.  It’s a waste of eight hundred years.


Deliverance: (laughs) Okay. I get it. You hate me because I’m beautiful, live for sex, never age, and may live forever. You’re jealous!


Victoria: I am not!


Deliverance: Are too.


Victoria: Not!


Deliverance: Look. You’re holding the pen. You don’t like me like I am. Write me different.


Victoria: (pouting)


Deliverance: So. Are you gonna do that?


Victoria: No.


Deliverance: (smiles) Fine. Then let’s move on to something more pleasant.


9/19/2013 Gathering Storm Release Day

Interview with Ram #3 2

An Interview with Ram

Victoria: Well, Sir Hawking. Always a pleasure.

Ram: So you say.

Victoria: Come on. For once could we just have a quiet and cordial conversation? Can I make you tea?

Ram: (slouches in chair and gives me a look of incredulity, which is distracting because the slouch posture is very sexy and I’m supposed to be concentrating on the interview and not another woman’s husband) ‘Tis your best plan for makin’ up to me? Fuckin’ tea?

Victoria: Well, uh, I can’t say that I actually had a plan per se. Did you have something else in mind? Something you wanted?

Ram: You know perfectly well what I want.

Victoria: I know it probably seems that way, but it’s not entirely true. I suspect that you want to go back to your little bit of Irish heaven with Elora, Helm, and Blackie and raise Alsatian dogs in quiet familial bliss.

Ram: Could no’ have said it better myself. Like I said, you know perfectly well what the fuck I want.

Victoria: Yes, but are you sure? I mean you lived a pretty tumultuous life as a vampire slayer. You’re the most celebrated Black Swan knight of the last hundred years. That’s a lot of excitement to trade in for life on the farm.

Ram: Aye. And I can no’ wait to be doin’ precisely that. You, mistress, have the power to make that happen with a simple stroke of the pen. Or click of the keyboard or whatever.

Victoria: I could, but here’s the thing. I saw the little smile and the dark twinkle in your eyes when I was just talking about you as legendary hunter. I know you love the recognition. Remember how you felt when Elora gushed all over you, repeatedly. “Oh, Ram, your portrait is so handsome, your beauty captured for all time here, where you belong, in the Hall of Heroes. You’re perfection personified. So special, so unique, unlike any other.” (I delivered this paraphrase in an exaggerated mock-Elora voice.)

Ram: (laughing) Aye, you have me there, mistress. Who would no’ fuckin’ crave hearin’ such thin’s from his beautiful mate?

Victoria: Everyone longs for that sort of attention, Ram. The point is that you don’t get that sort of attention down home on the farm.

Ram: Perhaps ‘no. But as was pointed out in Book Five in a tussle over whether or no’ Storm and I would be playin’ rugby, I’m no’ gettin’ younger. Will you be gettin’ me sliced up in bar fights when I’m ninety then? Give the others their fair chance at sheet time.

Victoria: But you’re my favorite, Ram.

Ram: (gaping) And bein’ your favorite means always bein’ one fuckin’ step away from catastrophe?

Victoria: Well… yes. Fact is, slogging about in Wellies feeding chickens and watering wolf-dogs is not novel-worthy because, well, because it’s not novel.

Ram: For the moment, let’s be leavin’ me out o’ the discussion. What about my wife? The injuries you’ve visited on me are paper cuts next to what you do to her. Great Paddy in the Mornin’. The way you punish her is beyond… (stops abruptly, narrows eyes, then pins me with a glare) So I’m your favorite, am I? Are you jealous of my wife?

Victoria: What? Of course not!

Ram: Jealous enough to be punishin’ her in unspeakable ways?

Victoria: No! Ram! Do you hear yourself? That’s crazy talk.

Ram: Oh? ‘Twas you who’s so fond o’ sayin’ the simplest explanation is probably the correct one. And that is, without a doubt, the simplest explanation.

Victoria: This is an exception to that rule.

Ram: After everythin’ she went through to reach my world, you would think a writer with heart would be seekin’ to brin’ her only happiness.

Victoria: Again, happiness without incident? Not interesting.

Ram: Cold-hearted bitch. Tell your husband I said ‘tis unbelievable you snagged a mate.

Victoria: If that was true, the cold-hearted bitch part, shouldn’t you be trying to suck up to me instead of insulting me?

Ram: Well, then I would no’ be the hot-blooded rash personality you’re so hot for, would I?

Victoria: (nothing to say to that)

Ram: So here’s my proposition. If you want me to continue cooperatin’ with your farfetched ridiculous pain-in-the-ass stories that no one in their right mind would be believin’, which – by the way – says quite a lo’ about your readers, then you will lay off my wife. AND my child.

Victoria: First, my readers are perfectly sane. They have excellent taste in literature and marvelous creative imaginations.

Ram: (smirks)

Victoria: You may be my favorite, at least you were before this interview, but the Black Swan saga is Elora’s story. I can’t make promises about the entire future of the tale, but I can promise you that Elora and Helm pass through Book Six without injury. How’s that?

Ram: (considers) How ‘bout me?

Victoria: (seeing the opportunity for pay back, smiles wickedly) You, my love, will have to wait and see.

Ram: Paddy.

Victoria: Exactly.



Ask Victoria! 5


I am so glad I came across the website that you have. I love to read the interviews that you do with the characters from the books. I have to say I love the interviews with Ram the most. How hard is it for you to do interviews with your characters or does it flow quite easily?

You mean the blog? I think the interviews are on the blog ( Anyway – to your question – thank you for asking.. My husband loves everything about my writing except for the character interviews. The ease with which I converse with characters seems to worry him. So he’s fond of asking questions like…

“You DO know the person you’re talking to is YOU. RIGHT???”

And, I have to say, “I guess. But it doesn’t feel that way when I’m talking to them.”

Wait. Is that a paddy wagon?