Interview with Ram #3 2

An Interview with Ram

Victoria: Well, Sir Hawking. Always a pleasure.

Ram: So you say.

Victoria: Come on. For once could we just have a quiet and cordial conversation? Can I make you tea?

Ram: (slouches in chair and gives me a look of incredulity, which is distracting because the slouch posture is very sexy and I’m supposed to be concentrating on the interview and not another woman’s husband) ‘Tis your best plan for makin’ up to me? Fuckin’ tea?

Victoria: Well, uh, I can’t say that I actually had a plan per se. Did you have something else in mind? Something you wanted?

Ram: You know perfectly well what I want.

Victoria: I know it probably seems that way, but it’s not entirely true. I suspect that you want to go back to your little bit of Irish heaven with Elora, Helm, and Blackie and raise Alsatian dogs in quiet familial bliss.

Ram: Could no’ have said it better myself. Like I said, you know perfectly well what the fuck I want.

Victoria: Yes, but are you sure? I mean you lived a pretty tumultuous life as a vampire slayer. You’re the most celebrated Black Swan knight of the last hundred years. That’s a lot of excitement to trade in for life on the farm.

Ram: Aye. And I can no’ wait to be doin’ precisely that. You, mistress, have the power to make that happen with a simple stroke of the pen. Or click of the keyboard or whatever.

Victoria: I could, but here’s the thing. I saw the little smile and the dark twinkle in your eyes when I was just talking about you as legendary hunter. I know you love the recognition. Remember how you felt when Elora gushed all over you, repeatedly. “Oh, Ram, your portrait is so handsome, your beauty captured for all time here, where you belong, in the Hall of Heroes. You’re perfection personified. So special, so unique, unlike any other.” (I delivered this paraphrase in an exaggerated mock-Elora voice.)

Ram: (laughing) Aye, you have me there, mistress. Who would no’ fuckin’ crave hearin’ such thin’s from his beautiful mate?

Victoria: Everyone longs for that sort of attention, Ram. The point is that you don’t get that sort of attention down home on the farm.

Ram: Perhaps ‘no. But as was pointed out in Book Five in a tussle over whether or no’ Storm and I would be playin’ rugby, I’m no’ gettin’ younger. Will you be gettin’ me sliced up in bar fights when I’m ninety then? Give the others their fair chance at sheet time.

Victoria: But you’re my favorite, Ram.

Ram: (gaping) And bein’ your favorite means always bein’ one fuckin’ step away from catastrophe?

Victoria: Well… yes. Fact is, slogging about in Wellies feeding chickens and watering wolf-dogs is not novel-worthy because, well, because it’s not novel.

Ram: For the moment, let’s be leavin’ me out o’ the discussion. What about my wife? The injuries you’ve visited on me are paper cuts next to what you do to her. Great Paddy in the Mornin’. The way you punish her is beyond… (stops abruptly, narrows eyes, then pins me with a glare) So I’m your favorite, am I? Are you jealous of my wife?

Victoria: What? Of course not!

Ram: Jealous enough to be punishin’ her in unspeakable ways?

Victoria: No! Ram! Do you hear yourself? That’s crazy talk.

Ram: Oh? ‘Twas you who’s so fond o’ sayin’ the simplest explanation is probably the correct one. And that is, without a doubt, the simplest explanation.

Victoria: This is an exception to that rule.

Ram: After everythin’ she went through to reach my world, you would think a writer with heart would be seekin’ to brin’ her only happiness.

Victoria: Again, happiness without incident? Not interesting.

Ram: Cold-hearted bitch. Tell your husband I said ‘tis unbelievable you snagged a mate.

Victoria: If that was true, the cold-hearted bitch part, shouldn’t you be trying to suck up to me instead of insulting me?

Ram: Well, then I would no’ be the hot-blooded rash personality you’re so hot for, would I?

Victoria: (nothing to say to that)

Ram: So here’s my proposition. If you want me to continue cooperatin’ with your farfetched ridiculous pain-in-the-ass stories that no one in their right mind would be believin’, which – by the way – says quite a lo’ about your readers, then you will lay off my wife. AND my child.

Victoria: First, my readers are perfectly sane. They have excellent taste in literature and marvelous creative imaginations.

Ram: (smirks)

Victoria: You may be my favorite, at least you were before this interview, but the Black Swan saga is Elora’s story. I can’t make promises about the entire future of the tale, but I can promise you that Elora and Helm pass through Book Six without injury. How’s that?

Ram: (considers) How ‘bout me?

Victoria: (seeing the opportunity for pay back, smiles wickedly) You, my love, will have to wait and see.

Ram: Paddy.

Victoria: Exactly.






Sylvia Ashford

Sep 10, 2013 Sylvia Ashford rated it 5 of 5 stars

When I first read My Familiar Stranger by Victoria Danann, my thought’s were this Author has something Special, but after reading her fifth installment Gathering Storm  part of The Order of The Black Swans series, I now know that I am reading books of a Master Story Teller. Gathering Storm made me cry, sigh, and wonder why this series is not a major movie, Victoria Danann’s books are not just another Paranormal read but rather a symphony of a mind like no other, creating a world where it takes a true Master of imagination to create images that one would only find in the movies or art. Which leaves me with only the utmost respect for a woman of Ms. Danann’s caliber and intellect and a reason to bow my head in respect, to you Ms. Danann I say BRAVA!



Dee Bowerman

Victoria Danann has turned a fun, funny, sexy, thrill ride and turned it into an EPIC JOURNEY. This book tore my heart out. made me laugh, pulled me apart and put me back together again. If you have been reading the series you will soooo NOT be disappointed in this one. A reminder this series is not stand alone books, you must read the whole series to get the total experience. I urge you to start reading them now. All my favorite characters and some new ones as well.


It was fabulous!

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Michelle Stein

Michelle Stein rated it 5 of 5 stars Sep 10, 2013


Victoria Danann’s writting is spectacular!

I was an the edge of my seat, glued to my screen, wondering what was going to happen next!!

Victoria Dannan’s writting is so intense and full of emotion, that it made me feel like I was actually there with all my favorite characters. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to put my reader down and dab away quite a few tears, both from happiness and from sadness.

There are also quite a few surprises that I never saw coming!! All I can say is AMAZING!

Victoria, I’ve never felt so connected to characters in a book, until I met The Order of the Black Swan. Thank You

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Anna Salamatin

I first have to say…O MY GODS!

this is an awesome, bangin, mind blowin 5th installment to The Order of The Black Swan Chronicles. You are not going to believe the happenings. I never saw this coming at all! Not any of it! I am totally in awe of the way Victoria Danann can just put you there, right in the mix, it is so real, I was laughing then crying and at some places I was doing both.

I have to say that you really do need to read these in order because right about now you will get lost and then we would have to send out Bad company, and then you can explain why you didn’t start at the beginning in the first place especially since the first book(My  Familiar Stranger) is FREE!

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Sep 11, 2013 Bleumoon 5 of 5 stars

You don’t read Victoria’s books, you experience them.


The tapestry that Victoria has woven with these stories and people is so stunningly brilliant and at the same time rich with deep undertones that you can not help but fall in love.

Victoria’s books get under your skin.  They work their way into your heart and you fall in love…

in love with these honorable Knights and Ladies… in love with the depth of love that is shared between husbands and wives…
in love with their too adorable babies…
in love with young men training and learning about honor…
in love with people who don’t know the meaning of the word…

The honor of these Knights, and Knights in training, is astounding.  I finished this book through a haze of tears that I was constantly batting away so I could continue reading about some of my most favorite characters… no people, to call them characters cheapens the experience.

Then before you know it they get into your head and make you think… This book has me thinking about honor and what it means to me and what I have passed on to my own sons… I believe if my sons were transported to this dimension they would be right at home with the Black Swans (especially my second son).  And this is another reason I love these books, when I have read the last page I am no where near done…

Now I am going to go blow my nose and dry my eyes and meditate some more on honor and bravery and love. It’s an honor to be a beta reader for these books.

Black Swan a TV Series? 4

We can make it happen. I have put up a petition for us all to sign and share to show our support. Once we start to get good numbers in signatures I will be sending them and other documents to the right people. We can do this! – Sarah

Sign here!




Ask Victoria! 1

Workspace3With Victoria’s new book coming out I thought this would be a good time to show you what it is that she does day to day to get you the fantastic books that she writes!  – Sarah

Victoria, based on your bio, I’m thinking you must be insanely busy. A post on how you find time to write amid all of the other things you are involved in would probably be enlightening!

This is the number one question I field not just as an author, but socially and professionally. My schedule sounds crazy even to me. For those who haven’t seen the bio, here are some of the high points.

I own 7th House Publishing. Although I’m no longer personally involved in the day to day operations, there are decisions that must be made almost daily. I author and illustrate Seasons of the Witch planners, now in its fourteenth year. I manage Houston’s top party band and, although I’m not currently playing, I dedicate some time to keeping up my musical skills: keyboards, guitar, and vocal. I play bridge six to ten times a month because it keeps me sharp. and I write fiction. Oh, wait, I may have forgotten to mention a husband, family and German Shepherd, but they are definitely part of my day.

A few days ago a bass player I know called to ask if I wanted to be the utility player in a Classic Rock band. Of course my first reaction was, “YES!!” Then I remembered that clones are just a wish and not a reality.

So, how do I do it? Surprisingly, the thing that takes the most time is not even on that list. That would be the marketing of my paranormal romances. Since I’m an Indie (sort of), I’m responsible for getting the word out about Black Swan. This interview is part of that.

I wear all the marketing department hats including the one that says “graphics”. I do the covers, the ads, the book trailers and the SWAG myself. I design and maintain the website, the blog, and participate in the Goodreads fan group. I recently took on an author’s assistant whom I share with a couple of others and that helps enormously, but it doesn’t turn twenty-four hours into forty-eight.

My day starts sometime between 2:30am and 6:00 depending on how much is on my mind. I answer emails, post on Facebook, log and analyze my book sales, update the website and blog and take care of any other marketing-type chores such as renewing ads or commenting on reviews. I take the dog for a walk/jog in the woods, take a shower, and have breakfast. Back at the computer, I take care of 7th House business and band business before lunch. (It helps that I work from home.)

On days when I’m in: after lunch I beat down the other fires that have cropped up through the morning and continue to deal with issues from the various enterprises through the day. On days when I have errands, appointments, or play bridge: after lunch I may be away for three or four hours then I come right back to it. When there is time left between that and starting dinner at six, I write.

The only thing different about Saturday and Sunday is that I add musical instruments into the mix plus one social event and one date with spouse.

This is the way things go during my “outline” process. But once my extended outline is complete and ready to start writing in earnest, I start to feel driven and need to take big chunks of time to just write. I don’t take personal time even at night. My husband gets dinner. I eat with him and then come back to it. That stage of my writing usually takes three weeks to a month.

Once the manuscript gets turned over to my editor, there will be three days of emails to my schedule: This sentence seems clumsy. Are you sure you want to say ____ that way? PLUS typos galore.

If you ever have a question(s) you would like to get answered, please email me at  – Sarah

That’s the story of how it all gets done.

Review Spotlight! by Ellen Reply



The Witch’s Dream, July 23, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars Another Winner to a Fantastic Series, July 23, 2013
By Ellen (New York) –

This story continues from the events of the first book. It is best to read the books in order to see how the story and characters grow and develop. Believe me, you don’t want to miss anything in this series.
In The Witch’s Dream, we are introduces to Litha. She is part witch and part something else. She sees Storm from and distance and falls hard for him. Is it love at first sight? Well, maybe not at first sight because he has been coming to her in dreams and their paths have crossed in other ways. But from the first time she sees him, she knows he is the one. Storm however has closed off his heart and stubbornly refuses to see the truth in front of him. Sometimes he deserves a swift kick in the pants. However, his reactions are never unrealistic. He is just stubborn and deeply hurt.
This is a great addition to the series. Litha is strong and intelligent. Yes, she does take a lot of rejection from Storm without giving up. But she is never a doormat. She fights for what she believe in and for what she knows is true. She is also brave and unselfish enough to put the needs of others before her own. She agrees to stay with her father if he releases his prisoner even though that might mean leaving Storm and the world she knows forever. Then we get to know her father. When he first appears, I admit I really hated him. How he develops over the story is really remarkable. His wonder at finding that he has a daughter and his joy at doing things for her is truly a delight to read. It is his obvious pleasure in doing things for her and being able to give her things rather than the actual physical gifts that earns Litha love and trust. I wound up looking forward to his appearances.
What I also love about this series is while the major theme of the story may be about Litha and Storm, we do get the continuing tale of Elora, Ram, Blackie, Baka, and Kay. We also learn more about this universe and some of the neighbouring ones.

This review is from: The Witch’s Dream (The Order of the Black Swan, Book 2) (Paperback)

Ask Victoria! 1

Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to be an author?

Yes. Stay the hell away from “creative writing’ classes because nothing will kill your own embryonic art or creativity faster. (See the scene on writing a poem in the movie, “Dead Poets Society” with Robin Williams.) It can’t be taught any more than someone can teach you to carry a tune. Either you can or you can’t. If you can, do it. If you can’t, move on to something else. It’s a big world. I’m not saying this to be mean. I’m never going to play guitar like Carlos Santana. The last time I tried to play Black Magic Woman my left hand seized up in muscle cramps for weeks. If that’s what happens to your brain when you try to write, keep looking until you find the thing you were born to do.

Do you have any advice for unpublished authors?

If you’re sure you have a book that’s as good or better than anything else out there, go Indie, and publish yourself. If you aren’t sure, come to my workshop in October at the first ever Indie Rom Con before you decide whether you want to go Indie or follow the traditional path to New York publishers.


If you ever have a question(s) you would like to get answered, please email me at  – Sarah