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WINNER Best Paranormal Romance Novel of the year. 


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Baka is forced to relive his tragic life as human and confront his past as a vampire. At the same time, Elora Laiken faces an ultimate test of survival after being attacked by assassins from her dimension of origin.

Two friends, joined by a mystical bond, separated by distance, must simultaneously struggle alone through pain and darkness. 

If you love romance, fantasy, science fiction, strong female characters, alpha males and complex stories, this serial is right for you. Age 17+

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The Vampire Librarian says...“If you have been following the Black Swan series you will know that everything that has happened in the first two books, My Familiar Stranger and The Witches Dream leads to the events in The Vampire’s Confessor. This sizzling story of loves won and lost weaves a tale of magic, mystery and intrigue with each individual book telling its own love story.”

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AUTHOR:                  by Victoria Danann

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This is the third installment in a serial saga intended to be read in order. READING THE SERIES IN ORDER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

Please read Book 1, My Familiar Stranger (FREE) and Book 2, The Witch’s Dream, FIRST!!  Or get the box set, Black Swan COLLECTED TALES.


“A titillating and quite heart-warming ride,” – Simplistik.Org

“This sizzling story of loves won and lost weaves a tale of magic, mystery and intrigue with each individual book telling its own love story.” – The Vampire LIbrarian

“Let me just say ~ Squeeeee!” – Reviewing in Chaos

“What can I say, other than the series has it all.” – The Paranormal Romance Guild

“…my favorite so far.” – Vampire Romance

“…great job of creating a world that we will never see but where anything may seem possible.” – The Urban Girl Reader

“Highly recommended for all paranormal, supernatural, and vampire lovers.” – My Cozie Corner Book Reviews


It’s so lovely to be blessed with marvelous reviews by reviewers, but every once in a while I think it’s okay to publish a review by an actual reader. This is my favorite review of the book that I shall always consider my masterpiece.

5.0 out of 5 stars You need to add more Stars for this one!, July 24, 2013
By  Ellen (New York)
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This review is from: A Summoner’s Tale: The Vampire’s Confessor (The Order of the Black Swan, Vol. 3)

This is the third book in the Order of the Black Swan. Again, I must stress it is best to read them in order.

I think this might be my favourite one so far, and I loved the others. Perhaps I would give this one 5 stars plus. The story had me at the edge of my seat for most of the book. Both Baka and Elora had me biting my nails and frequently in tears. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned Blackie in my reviews of the previous books. I suppose there are just so many wonderful characters and events in each book that it is hard to cover them all without spoilers. And I don’t want anything to spoil your experience of these books. That said, Blackie plays a very important part in this story. It will make you hug your dog even more and if you don’t have a dog, this might make you go out and adopt one.

There are also so many unforgettable images in this book; the snow falling in an Irish forest, the howl of wolves, an infant’s cry. This is a book about love, loyalty, and sacrifice. There are so many examples of incredible bravery in this story both human and nonhuman. A Summoner’s Tale is darker than the others in the series but is not without humour. We are now aware of what can be lost and how fragile existence can be. Your whole life can change in an instant. Perhaps because it is darker, the joys are even deeper.



Victoria’s Review of A Summoner’s Tale

Excerpt #1

Excerpt #2


  1. I finished book 1 and 2 in record time – I just couldn’t put my Kindle down! It seems like torture having to wait two weeks for “Whispernet” gratification! I truly pray the e-book is available just after the stoke of midnight ushering in a blissful Valentine’s day spent caught-up in final book of this paranormal romance series.

  2. Beautiful images and a powerful theme song, add to the intrigue and mytique surrounding this story.

    I am left felling as though I will be rocked to my core!

  3. I love all 3 books the trailer was awesome just like your books you feel the characters and live their lives I can’t wait for the next book!

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  14. I absolutely have loved and enjoyed the trilogy of the Black Swan adventures! They made me laugh, smile, and cry. They will keep you enthraulled and you wont want to put them down until completed. They represent paranormal writing at its best. You have elves, vampires, demons, faries, beserers and inter dementional travel. I highly recommend them and cant wait until May 2013 for the fourth installment!!! Thank you for your wonderful creativity.

  15. The 3rd installment was just as spectacular as the first 2, looking forward to the next installment. I love how every character is very defined with a distinct identity. This is a very interesting and captivating series.

    • Thank you, Becca. Characterization is my favorite thing. I’ve always been fascinated by people, what they do, how they think. Long before I studied psychology I was an observer of persons. Thanks for noticing.

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